With the staggering growth of consumers going mobile on smartphones and tablets to find information, products, and services, having a responsive web design is critical for success in today’s market. The stats support the rise of mobile usage. Presently, more than 59 percent of American adults use smartphones and up to 60 percent of site traffic is from mobile devices. These figures are not to be ignored. More and more, customers and prospects are viewing websites from their mobile devices. And if interacting with your site or viewing is poor, they’re likely to make a step at a competitor’s site. Responsive web designs adapt to multiple-sized devices, reorder content and deliver a great user experience.

Today, social media goes hand-in-hand with mobile devices. Over 50 percent of social media usage now happens on mobile devices. Sharing links from social media platforms like Google Plus, YouTube, and Facebook drives more traffic to your site from mobile devices. With a responsive web design, it’s easy to leverage the power of social media sites. Get responsive and increase your mobile visitors.

Another reason why responsive is a must-have is to improve SEO rankings. According to the king search engine, Google, responsive sites perform better in search rankings. It’s the ideal way to garner organic website traffic. Google favors responsive websites, and mobile phones even have a separate Google search algorithm. Keep this in mind. Mobile searches are overtaking desktop searches. Since SEO is still important, your site will perform better if it’s responsive. Keep in mind that SEO still reigns high in getting found on the internet.

All around, responsive sites provide a better user experience for your audience. There’s no more side scrolling or pinching and zooming to view a site that doesn’t fit on a mobile screen. A better user experience equates to increased website conversions, improved brand perception, and reduced bounce rates. Show your customers that you care and provide them with a great user experience through a responsive website design.

Responsive websites also offer future availability and support newer devices and screens to be used in the future. They’re fluid and can scaled up or down to meet new devices. Be prepared for whatever new hits the market.

Lastly, a responsive site is easier to manage and increases ROI. Instead of having two sites with one for a mobile version and the other for a main site, a responsive web design is just one site. You’ll only have one site to update and manage. A responsive site adds up to lower web content management expenses and higher ROI.

Responsive websites are the key to success for bloggers, business owners, and other folks dependent on web traffic. The days of purchasing a domain and adding some content are long gone. Today, consumers want a properly configured webpage and a hassle-free experience. Responsive should be your ground zero when building your website.responsive-web-development

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