There is no end of custom web development services to choose from online, all ranging in proficiency with different technologies and types of projects. However, not all custom website design services are created equal, and some are frankly a waste of time, energy, and money. When selecting a web design agency to develop your project, it’s important to be able to tell the good teams from ones you want to avoid. Here are 6 developer behaviors to be on the lookout for when considering a web development agency.

Web team

1. Arrogance
Arrogance is a bad trait for any professional, but it can be detrimental in a web design firm. Arrogant development teams are stubborn and value their own experience above the opinions of their clients. These kind of development teams are difficult to work with, creating friction in the development project that takes up valuable time and resources.

2. Disorganization
Custom website design is a methodical and structured practice that requires a tidy sense of organization. Web development teams that aren’t organized miss deadlines, forget meetings, and deliver sub-optimal code that’s as messy as they are. Look out for these danger signs in a web development team; they could spell bad news for the final product.

3. Inexperience
Developing custom web projects takes time and repetition to master. A team without a broad experience working on many types of projects will easily be overwhelmed by the problem-solving and critical thinking necessary to complete a new project. When hiring a web design and development company, there’s no substitution for experience.

4. Lack of Professionalism
Many web development teams are comprised of younger developers without a lot of professional website design experience. While they may be skilled as developers, their lack of professionalism can affect deadlines and slow a project’s momentum. Skill is common enough; look for teams that will treat you and your project with professional respect.

5. Lack of Communication
Often a web development team will make itself very available at the onset of a project only to slowly stop communicating with status reports and check-in meetings. While it’s unreasonable to expect constant communication from any web development agency, regularly schedule meetings or calls are a best practice that creates transparency for everyone.

6. Low Bandwidth
Some web development teams opt in for quantity over quality, taking on many projects at once to maximize their earnings. Depending on the size of the team, this can affect the quality of all the projects the team is working on, including yours. Looks for teams who can give your product the attention it deserves.

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