bad client signsAt D&D, we love our clients. Working with them to solve their custom website design needs is the entire reason that we’re in business. The contractor-client relationship is one that requires honesty, clear communication, and mutual respect. Over time, we found some client behaviors that we’re not too crazy about, but have ultimately helped us to become a better web development agency and provided better web services to our customers. We know that hiring a web development company is an investment and that working with another team can cause anxiety that leads to some bad client behaviors, but here we explain the cause of these bad behaviors and how to address them.

The client asks us to create “samples” before committing to the project.
Clients sometimes ask for free homepage mock-ups or other “sample” work so that they can gauge the quality of the web design agency’s work. This behavior is difficult to work with but easy to understand; the client wants to know that they are getting the best results for the price that they pay. When we come across this behavior at D&D, we explain to the client that we do not do free spec work but that once the project is confirmed, we provide consistent milestones so that the client can see our progress and the quality of our work.

The client demands 24/7 support.
Again, this bad client behavior is understandable. Some projects are more urgent than others and are required to meet tight deadlines. Often, the point-of-contact for the client has other people to report to, people who want constant updates on progress. While we do not make ourselves available at all hours of the day, D&D does its best to be as flexible as possible with regular check-in meetings and status updates to review the project and make necessary changes, addressing urgent issues as they come up.

The client challenges the contractor’s fee.
Professional website design, or at least quality professional website design, is not cheap. While it’s understandable that a client would seek a better project for a lower price, top web design companies set their rates based on years of experience working on a wide range of projects. At D&D, we work hard to quote a price for your project that is affordable while still being reasonable.

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